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Join Jake Sturgis, APR from Captivate Media + Consulting and Mark McIlmoyle, Principal at Mound Westonka High School for an innovative twist on leveraging student voice to transform instructional practices.

After a student/staff survey, the data identified a significant disconnect when it came to relevancy. 91% of staff thought students could apply what they were teaching to their everyday lives, while just 54% of students felt that way.

Instead of just laying out the facts, the school partnered with Captivate Media to implement The Voices Framework which amplifies student voice through storytelling to change adult mindsets.

Join us to learn how Westonka HS brought staff into a deeper conversation about their practices and pedagogy that has moved them closer to achieving their 2019-20 Building Instructional Goal, which is “to have 100% of MWHS teachers utilizing their Relevancy Rubric to create new opportunities for deeper relevancy connections for students in instruction and assessment.”

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Change Mindsets Through Storytelling and Student Voice

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