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Leverage the power of motion graphics to educate your audience on abstract concepts, break down complex messages or elevate a story that doesn’t lend itself to traditional video footage. A motion graphics story combines voice over, custom graphics, typography, animation and sound design to create an eye catching experience for the viewer.

Experience Our Motion Graphics Work

Craft a powerful story and bring it to life with typography, animation, and sound design. Motion graphics is an engaging way to deliver key messages to your targeted audience. Check out our reel below to gain a sense of our motion graphics content creation capabilities in just under a minute!

Like what you see? Even more client work below!

Brand Storytelling

Elevate your organization’s story

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Referendum Campaigns

Educate an audience on a critical, complex issue

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School Initiatives

Introduce a new program, product or service

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Enrollment Marketing

Draw attention to all that you have to offer

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Our Motion Graphics Process

1. Story Development

Scripting and designing your story to best illustrate key messages

2. Production

Bringing your script to life with animation, sound effects and music.

3. Post Production

Collaborating on feedback and delivering a ready to use video

Let’s get started with motion graphics animation services