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AnimatED video content offers an effective and engaging way to deliver and explain complex information to your audiences. Check out our growing list of customizable animated video content to address important issues that school districts face.

Take advantage of these cost-effective, templated explainer videos while still customizing key visuals and messages to your district.

District leaders are leveraging our animated resources to build understanding by including them as content for:

  • School Board Elections
  • District/School Website
  • Community Presentations (i.e. Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, etc.)
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Posts
  • Job Postings

Winter Weather

Winter weather can be disruptive and create unsafe conditions for your students, buses, and staff members. When it comes to making decisions about early dismissals and cancellations, district leaders are under immense pressure to communicate in a timely and clear way.

This animated “explainer” video shares information about how districts like yours make winter weather decisions with student safety as the primary focus. Customized to include your district’s decision-making guidelines, the video ensures that your community can better understand the process and rationale of school delays or closures in advance.


Keeping your community informed on the details of your bond or levy referendum is imperative to running a successful campaign. Clearly laying out the benefits of the ask, the financial impact, and the logical consequences of a referendum not passing are all important when helping inform your community about what’s on your ballot.

This animated “explainer” video brings to life the most pertinent details of your campaign in an engaging and memorable way, so voters are equipped with the knowledge they need when headed to the polls.


Clearly communicating the impact of a school funding proposal is a vital step in building trust between your school district and voters. Districts are using this customizable animated explainer video to clarify messaging about Minnesota Ag2School Tax Credit in order to equip farm owners with the facts they need to make an informed decision at the polls.

Competing with class

All students deserve to enjoy athletics and activities in a safe environment. Unfortunately, recent events around the U.S. indicate an increasing level of hostile and disrespectful behavior in high school athletic competitions.

This animated “explainer” video helps high schools demonstrate their commitment to providing activities and events free of harassment and bad conduct. Voiced by students, “The way we play” shows how students, coaches, administrators and staff intend to confront bad behavior and compete with class. This video can typically be customized for your high school within one week.


School boards, superintendents and district administrators are facing ever-increasing political challenges in their day to day work. And most residents, parents and even school staff don’t understand how their district operates or makes decisions.

This animated “explainer” video succinctly describes the roles of the school board, the superintendent and the administration when they cohesively operate within a policy governance model. The video also shows residents how they can get their concerns addressed in the most effective and efficient manner.


Is your district among the many facing the challenge of bus driver shortages? This bus driver recruitment video shares the benefits of this important job with community members in a fresh way. Customize it to include your district logo as well as pictures or video clips.

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