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What do people find when they search for video from your school community? Are they the stories you want to tell?

Who is telling your story? Tips for crafting your school’s narrative through video will help you transform how your schools use video to improve engagement with your parents and entire school community. Jake Sturgis, Founder & CEO of Captivate Media + Consulting, will share tips you can start using right away when it comes to recording, editing and posting videos. This webinar will give you the tools and knowledge you need to start creating better video content without needing to spend any additional money on equipment and other resources.
Webinar attendees will learn:
  • 12 tips for creating better videos
  • Secrets to crafting videos for social media
  • How to shift to a storytelling mindset
  • The most important element that drives video engagement
  • What’s working for other schools – great, effective examples

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Who is telling your story? Tips for crafting your school’s narrative through video

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