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A large number of organizations (including ourselves) are investing in podcasts and seeing fantastic returns. Podcast episodes are often faster to produce than other marketing materials like blogposts. And they are more effective at reaching your audience on the move, including work commuters and younger community members. Does your organization have specific strategic goals that could be better communicated in longer form content? Podcasts have the potential to build an organic, engaged community.

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Here’s what the checklist covers:

  • Deciding whether a podcast is right for your organization
  • Planning your podcast
  • Recording and editing your podcast
  • Distribution strategies
  • Evaluation Tips

Is podcasting the right marketing tool for your organization? How do you even get started? Hear strategies and lessons learned from the producers of Sparkwheel, an education based podcast that sparks important conversations with school leaders. We’ll talk planning, tools, resources and how your organization can use a podcast to reach your audience on the move.

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