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Drum Roll Please…

The New Byron Bear

At a Glance

Byron Public Schools is a southern Minnesota school district serving about 2,000 students within four buildings. It’s a vibrant community with a rich history. There has also been a recent influx of young families who desire a culture of continuous improvement.


District Logo
Secondary Logos
Style Guide
Brand Storytelling Video

The Challenge

Byron Public Schools was experiencing a visual identity crisis. Individual schools, sports teams and programs all had their own version of the Byron Bear logo. Our content audit revealed numerous fonts, colors and logo designs scattered throughout district communication channels. There was no consistency or brand standards around a unified district visual identity.


The contrast of a proud history and fresh vibe of young families in Byron was calling for an updated school district brand that brings unity around their mission to Learn-Share-Innovate and Inspire.

A brand storytelling video revealed the new look and illustrate the “why” behind the positive change. Our film production team crafted a script mirroring the district persona and honoring new and loyal families within the community. The final video playfully outlines the history and challenge of having dozens of different bears associated with the district and ends with a drum roll to reveal the new logo.

View the Style Guide

See what a difference a comprehensive brand style guide makes.