Using video to make schools, businesses and government buildings more safe.

“Our Run, Hide, Fight video has been viewed thousands of times and has been an integral part of our training. The team at Captivate spent less than a day on campus and produced a video that surpassed our expectations.”

Justin M.School Safety Director

Active Threat Training Video

It’s unfortunate that we live in a world where the threat of an active shooter is a reality. But being prepared for the worst can often be the difference between life and death. We know that safety in schools, businesses, and government buildings is a big deal, which is why we have become experts in producing active shooter training videos.

Based on the Department of Homeland Security’s “Run, Hide, Fight” training, these videos will walk your people through the different responses to an active threat. That response might be running and escaping through an exit, hiding from the threat, or, as a last resort, fighting the person posing the threat.

Video training offers several unique advantages. Statistics tell us that 96% of businesses say video helps train employees better and faster (Kaltura). While in-person training sessions are powerful, not everyone can attend a single live training held once every year or two. Substitute teachers, temporary or seasonal employees and transfer students are people who benefit from on-demand video training.

  1. Our team begins by crafting a script that reflects your situation and security needs. This may include signs of a potential threat, specific protocols, or plans of action.
  2. Next, we film on location to make sure each video reflects the unique aspects of your building(s); such as where exits are located, or appropriate places to hide. We partner with your team to help make the video, engaging them in the process to create authenticity in the final video.
  3. In editing, through a use of motion graphics and a professional voiceover, we build a video that not only conveys important information but is engaging as well.

Our mission at Captivate Media + Consulting is to produce content that makes a positive impact on communities. We believe these active threat training videos are a vital part of the safety plan for schools, businesses, and more. And while a video won’t stop the threat, it can prepare you for what to do in the event one arises.