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At a Glance

Why just plan to graduate when you can graduate with a plan? Proctor High School students have a new way to explore future career and education opportunities. Proctor Pathways will allow students to engage in authentic learning experiences that will help them get a head start on life after high school.


Logo | Digital Design
Icons | Digital Design
Animated Explainer Video | Motion Graphics


To create a modular design that identifies Proctor prominently while also being a versatile framework that can feature an icon for each individual pathway.

The Proctor Pathways logo is a piece of original art that uses a familiar train design with very prominent and exaggerated details. The train is animated and dimensional in order to simulate moving forward very deliberately, it also features the tracks prominently to represent the path that students are using to move forward. The number 704 is featured on the cab to represent the School district.

The font that was chosen has elements of a traditional western flair, yet is still modern, this represents the heritage of the school while also showing the districts commitment to evolving and being contemporary.

Animated Explainer Video