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Online streaming media in real-time

As many live events move to online platforms, we know creating a sense of engagement and community remains as important as ever. Live-streaming creates a platform for your students, parents and staff to interact and share important experiences while at home.
It’s important to remember portions of your “live” event can be pre-recorded. This allows you to add more photos, videos and presenters without all of the technical complexities of doing this live.
Live-streaming can range from a single-camera feed of your event to more complex presentations that incorporate multiple cameras, types of media, pre-generated content, and graphics.
You want your event to be memorable for the right reasons, not for technical difficulties. Let our team help provide the support, staff, and technology for a successful online event.
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Free Webinar: Live Streaming Made Simple

COVID-19 is changing the way schools communicate and hold events. Video streaming is one tool school communicators can use to keep their communities informed and offer an alternative way for people to attend events.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about free tools available for you to live stream or record presentations that use a camera (other than your phone) as well as videos or presentation slides. Best part – no editing is necessary.

Join Jake Sturgis, APR from Captivate Media + Consulting and Andy Smith from Minnetonka Public Schools as they share tools and tricks to make live streaming on Facebook and YouTube simple.

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