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Let us help explain the "why" for your next bond or levy project 

Referendum Communication

Captivate Media + Consulting is a team of digital content creation and strategy experts who serve the K-12 education market. We work on several referendum campaigns each year. Our success rate is more than 90%.


We understand schools.
Communicating to staff, parents and community members is much different than a corporate audience. Our expertise in referendum messaging helps streamline the process and takes less district staff time.

We minimize disruption.
Our experience working in classrooms every week gives us the upper hand in calming a group of rowdy second graders after a camera enters the classroom and reassuring a nervous teacher during the interview process. 

We are flexible.
Our team of four videographers and editors allow for production schedules set on your terms. We aren’t freelancers, we are full-time professionals who have a vested interest in the overall success of your project.

We create work quickly.
We know time is of the essence when working on referendum projects. Our team can typically help plan, create and deliver content in timeframe that meets the needs of our clients.

For districts looking to be on the November 5, 2019 ballot, we would recommend the planning and production process start in Spring 2019. For video, it works best to get footage while school is still in session, so you have a video ready to share with your staff and community in August.

Whether it’s video, photography, design or creating a comprehensive plan – we can help you deliver top-notch materials within a school district sized budget.

Email Jake Sturgis for more information on referendum communications.



Video Production

We partner with clients to create award-winning videos that are creative and memorable.

Motion Graphics

Animated text, graphics and images helps your message standout. We can take complex ideas and simplify them though motion graphics.

Communication Strategy

Planning is important. We develop strategies to help you research, plan, implement and measure.

Professional Photography

More than point and click, we capture images that help communicate messages.