Grow and retain your student enrollment, by capturing the hearts and minds of your community. Competition for students has never been greater and your district’s brand must stand out in order to resonate with current families and to attract new ones.


Forest Lake Area Schools

Like many school districts, Forest Lake Area Schools is made up of more than a dozen different communities. We developed this epic storytelling video, to meet their district’s goal of rallying their students and families around what it feels and looks like to be part of the journey in Ranger Territory.

St. Louis Park Public Schools

For their virtual kindergarten information nights, we produced a series of videos highlighting the spaces and programs at each of St. Louis Park’s elementary schools. In order to produce these videos safely during the pandemic, we utilized existing photography, voice over, and captured footage when the buildings were mostly empty. These videos will be incorporated with video conference calls and question and answer sessions to give families an inside look at each school within the district.

South St. Paul Public Schools

To effectively and equitably communicate with Spanish speaking families, we crafted an enrollment video for South St Paul in Spanish with English subtitles that showcased their spaces and commitment to students.

Spring Lake Park Schools

For their staff welcome virtual event, we crafted a birds-eye view virtual tour of the entire Spring Lake Park Area Schools’ campus. This video incorporates scripted voice over, sweeping visuals of building spaces and motion graphics to emphasize specific messages. We used fun trivia questions throughout the video to engage viewers while also ensuring important district information was communicated.



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