More than a Video Company

We are a communications company that specializes in content creation. Starting with research, we bring our clients through a proven process that brings clarity to your vision and purpose. Most of our business comes from existing clients. We have built strong relationships based on trust and open communications. We don’t always ask easy questions and our clients expect that from us.

Our team is made of up of people from different walks of life, who have different experiences and perspectives. That’s intentional.

Ask young Jake Sturgis “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and his response was a TV news anchor. While attending college in Duluth, he hit the local newsroom as a producer and quickly realized young Jake had it all wrong.

Jake needed to feed his soul and found his place in communications for K-12 education. He witnessed amazing stories inside schools that would often go untold due to lack of resources.

Fast forward to January 2014, Captivate Media + Consulting was born.

Jake has built a team of communication pros that have worked with school districts nationwide to draw out authentic voices and build up communities through storytelling.


We are guided by a code of ethics to do the right thing in all circumstances, even if we believe no one is watching. Honesty and authenticity will shine especially during times of adversity.


We pride ourselves on crafting products and services that are professionally designed and executed. We do not cut corners and will aim to do things right the first time.


Our employees are our most important investment. When they feel respected, empowered and invested, we believe these feelings will transcend to our clients.


We possess skills and talents that can make a positive impact in our community. Through education, volunteerism and donations, we will seek ways to impact the lives of others.

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