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Much like a sparkwheel is a tool to help start a fire, this podcast is a tool to help you think differently about the world around you and enact change. But the tool alone isn’t enough. It takes passionate people to fan the flame and be difference makers in their schools and communities.

Special Episode:

A New Vision for School Safety Without SROs

Safety in schools without the use of School Resource Officers (SROs). Is this the right approach and what exactly does this look like?

We spend an hour unpacking the policy and system changes needed with 3 experts in school safety:

Jason Matlock Director, Emergency Management, Safety & Security at Minneapolis Public Schools

Mel Duncan founding Executive Director of Nonviolent Peaceforce

Michael Rozin President and a founding Partner at Rozin Security

We’d like to preface this episode with a real moment of learning we’ve had since it’s recording. We unintentionally and yet mistakenly left extremely important voices out of this conversation. Black, indigineous and other communities of color have for too long been unfairly impacted by institutional racism in education, law enforcement and so many other systems in our society. In a follow up episode, we’ll have perspectives from those who will be most impacted by this change – especially students.

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