A lot will be different this fall for the start of the new school year. How are you incorporating student voice when students may not even be allowed back on campus?

Every student has a story – has ideas – has experiences – has a vision for what our schools can and should be. It’s time we amplify their voices and listen.

Join Jake Sturgis and Stan Alleyne for a webinar about The Voices Framework.

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The Voices Framework

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Live Streaming Made Simple

In this webinar, you’ll learn about free tools available for you to live stream or record presentations that use a camera (other than your phone) as well as videos or presentation slides. Best part – no editing is necessary.

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The Voices Framework

Facts don’t change minds, but stories do. By using authentic student narratives, we guide hearts so minds can be moved into action. After crafting a video with student stories, we help staff unpack important issues facing students.
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Going Online with Spring Events

We’ll share ideas on how you can celebrate students and staff through online events and how you can take pre-recorded video content and push it out to audiences as a live feed so there is still a shared experience of people watching things at the same time.

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