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Here is our take on new trends within the industry…and some news of our own.

Rules are Meant to be Broken

Our most shared video doesn’t follow the social media playbook A few months ago our team discussed producing a video that would show some of the battles, struggles and successes high school students face today. These are the internal feelings you’d never know if you...

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Podcast: Faith, Work & Growth

Jake's personal journey over the past five years I was invited to share my story at my church about a month ago. The invitation came after my pastor read my blog about getting my hair cut in North Minneapolis. And how I came to some realizations about how race and...

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Customer Service on Location

Videography can be perceived as a profession that relies heavily on technical skills. And certainly, these are prioritized in the craftsmanship we bring to all our videos. But embedded in and woven throughout the technical and editorial requirements is a set of ‘soft skills’.

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Location, Location, Location

Our journey of three office locations in four years Finding an office to launch my business from was one of the first decisions I had to make in 2014. Many people suggested I start with an office in my home. With a small house and two kids under the age of three, I...

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Something to Celebrate

Why we changed our profile picture for Pride MonthWe recently changed Captivate’s profile picture.  Why did we do this? Because it’s pretty and trendy? Because we love Fruit Stripe gum? Because Jake asked us to? Yes, yes, and yes, but it’s so much more than that. June...

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