My Favorite Coat

Crafting Things With Care

I bought what would become my favorite coat about seven years ago. It’s a red and black plaid wool timber cruiser – a timeless design that wouldn’t have been out of place in the woods 100 years ago. It was quite expensive when I bought it, but it’s a classic style that should age gracefully (in spite of changing fashion trends) and it’s extremely well made. The stitching is strong, the wool is thick and the buttons and snaps are reinforced. It will likely last me the rest of my life.

At Captivate Media + Consulting we’re committed to creating things that are likewise crafted with quality and built to last. We know it feels like the pace of life is ever-increasing. Technology seems to change overnight. And yet, in spite of this, the core of what we do is essentially timeless. It’s about connecting people through a tradition that has existed since the dawn of language itself: telling stories.

It is an honor to document the stories our clients seek to tell, and we strive to create videos and other communication assets that will have a long ‘shelf life.’ Unless the story calls for it, we tend to shy away from using specific references to things like the date or year, so the messaging can be useful longer. Even though we often create videos in relevant and current cultural styles, or shoot using the most up-to-date cameras, the core of what we are after is a long-lasting way to connect people together with story at the heart.

We approach our work with the mindset of a craftsman. In creating videos for example, we carefully and intentionally shape a compelling narrative, refining and nurturing the story that emerges. We spend extra effort making sure all accompanying visuals are tasteful, well composed and relevant. We use a mixture of moving and static shots, always keeping in mind that the pacing of the editing needs to match and serve the message. We carefully color grade each shot, and double check for any glitches or distracting elements. The audio receives the same treatment – eliminating any snaps or pops, smoothing transitions, and lining everything up with extreme attention to detail so that the final video is as well made as we can possibly manage.

A well-built chair is more comfortable. A song with carefully chosen words can have greater emotional impact. When things are made with intention and care, you can tell, and often those things are more effective in doing what they were designed to do. We feel the better we do our work, the better the story we’re telling can connect with the audience.

Twenty years from now, say, we may be living with untold societal and technological advancements. It is my sincere hope that the work of storytelling I’m passionately engaged in now will look well crafted and will still be relevant – that it will still resonate and connect with people in that day. So if you happen to run into me in 20 years, let me know how we did. I’ll be the one wearing the red and black coat.

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