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Jake’s personal journey over the past five years

I was invited to share my story at my church about a month ago. The invitation came after my pastor read my blog about getting my hair cut in North Minneapolis. And how I came to some realizations about how race and understanding plays out in my life. 

The focus of my message was about light. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, my heart was never content working for other people. Although it was “safe” with a stable paycheck and health insurance, I was feeling called to do more. I had to wrestle with the voices of doubt and insecurity in my head and was hesitant to make the move to start my own business. This has allowed my light to shine.

I believe through our words and our actions we are all able to be light. Just as plants turn light into energy that helps them grow, we have that same power as humans. The light we shine is often in one of our own personal blindspots but it can inspire and ignite others into action that can start a movement.

The full audio of my talk is below. You can also use your favorite podcast app and search for “Upper Room Community” to find the audio.




Podcast audio of Jake Sturgis speaking on August 19, 2018

Jake references this video toward the end of his talk. You’ll have a better understanding of how he ends his message after watching this video.

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