Our Crew

We don’t always have this much fun at work, just when we’re posing for team photos.

Jake Sturgis

Chief Storyteller
After cutting his teeth in television news, Jake transitioned into the world of school PR in 2002. After doing a bunch of video projects on the side, he launched a full-time business in 2014. He leads the story development for our clients and presents nationally about video, storytelling and social media. Jake is involved with his local Rotary club and recently served as President of the Minnesota School Public Relations Association (MinnSPRA).

  • Video Strategy 95%
  • Project Management 80%
  • Hula Hooping Skills 5%

Stan Alleyne

Chief Strategist
With two decades of communication experience in schools and agencies, Stan has been recognized nationally for his work. He helped provide strategy and counsel as Chief Communications Officer for Minneapolis Public Schools for many years. He has been recognized for his work on engaging and communicating with diverse audiences by the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA).

  • Communications Strategy 85%
  • Strategic Counsel 75%
  • College Basketball Junkie 90%

Jenna Mead

Jenna began as a multi-media news reporter in Southern Minnesota. Moving from in front of the camera, to behind it, she joined the Captivate team in 2014. She’s driven by having meaning in her life, and contributing to the good in the world through stories that make an impact. Jenna collaborates with our clients in all phases of production to help build their story concept.

  • Story Development 85%
  • Interviews 70%
  • #MomLife 100%

Morgan Breker

Motion Graphic Designer
Born and raised in Montana, Morgan is a mountain-lover at heart! She moved to Minnesota in 2015 and joined the Captivate team shortly after. She enjoys using engaging visuals to make complex topics feel simple and fun through the magic of motion graphics. Morgan’s dog Delaney joins us at the office every day.

  • After Effects 80%
  • Illustrator 60%
  • Dogs 90%

Andrew Coons

Project Manager
Andrew’s love of video production led him from New England to the Carolinas and ultimately to Minnesota. He is an award-winning director, published author, and proud owner of a “World’s Best Dad” coffee mug. Andrew joined the Captivate team in 2018 and partners with our clients to make sure projects are successful and everyone stays caffeinated.

  • Video Production 75%
  • Project Management 85%
  • Insane Yo-Yo Tricks 99%

Benji Perez Gonzalez

Benji started his career as a visual media producer in the corporate world. He left seeking to make a bigger impact in the community and found a home when he joined the Captivate team in 2017. His experience as a Mexican immigrant brings a unique perspective to his work and the team.

  • Video Production 80%
  • Post Production 75%
  • Bad Hombre 100%

Nick Barr

Nick initially learned video production as a way to document and promote his musical endeavors. As others took notice and his client base grew, he shifted to prioritize visual media, ultimately joining the Captivate team in 2017. He brings the same care and dedication to craft to creating videos as he uses in songwriting.

  • Final Cut Pro 85%
  • Mixing Audio 70%
  • Lumberjack Skills 100%

Marissa Elsenpeter

Marissa started her career as a news reporter in Rochester, Minnesota. Her passion to continue telling stories, editing, and making an impact in communities led her to the Captivate team in 2018. She’s devoted to crafting projects our clients will be proud to show off.

  • Storytelling 80%
  • Editing 85%
  • Chipotle 100%

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