Our Core Essence

Our brand is summarized by four words that capture the basic essence of Captivate Media + Consulting. These words are not a slogan, but they are the simplest expression of our mission. These are the essence of our identity and guide us when we begin to drift.


We are guided by a code of ethics to do the right thing in all circumstances, even if we believe no one is watching. Honesty and authenticity will shine especially during times of adversity.


We pride ourselves on crafting products and services that are professionally designed and executed. We do not cut corners and will aim to do things right the first time.


Our employees are our most important investment. When they feel respected, empowered and invested, we believe these feelings will transcend to our clients.


We possess skills and talents that can make a positive impact in our community. Through education, volunteerism and donations, we will seek ways to impact the lives of others.

Heart + Craftsmanship

We donate a number of projects each year to schools and non-profits who need help communicating their message to a larger audience.  These projects highlight our core values of heart and craftsmanship.

Women at the Well

Women at the Well International is designed to give renewed hope and a sense of purpose to refugees in Africa, by developing schools and job training opportunities within Ethiopian refugee camps.

Tasks Unlimited

Tasks Unlimited provides supported employment, housing and recovery services for people with mental illness so that they achieve a full life with the rights and responsibilities of adults in our society.

Heartwood Montessori

The cornerstone of Heartwood’s philosophy is one that is at the root of Montessori philosophy: respect for the child and his/her cognitive, social and emotional development.

Open Hands Foundation - Hope House

The problem of teenage homelessness is not confined to big cities. The Open Hands Foundation from Westwood Community Church has partnered with The Bridge for Youth to provide a safe place for teens in the suburbs.

Community for the Commons

Community for The Commons was founded in 2015 by a group of Lake Minnetonka residents with the sole mission of improving and enhancing The Commons and The Port of Excelsior.

Metro Friendship Foundation

Autism impacts an increasing number of students. Metro Friendship Foundation provides scholarships for social skills education to individuals who may otherwise be unable to afford these services.